fredag 4 september 2009

Copy-paste in X - 22 years and still not working.

Being tired of spending 5-10 hours per week poking things you take for granted to make them work, I recently ditched the Linux on a laptop idea and got a mac. Haven't looked back, although there are some grave annoyances in the interface between the slick OS X and the applications from the Unix world. Clipboard is one of those. No matter how hard I punced Ctrl-V like you're supposed to, I did not get it to work. All my colleagues gave me that look when I asked them about my problem. 'Well - um - you do know that you shouldn't use cmd-V, right?'. Duh! That wasn't problem. After spending hours sifting through discussion boards and blogs telling me exactly that same thing, I finally found a friendly person who would actually acknowledge that there was a problem here. A big hand for D. W. Hoard:

Be sure to read the Note added on 06/29/09!

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  1. Great link! Me and MacOSX doesn't agree though. I'm seriously considering to go back to Ubuntu.